Jeannie McGuire

Figurative Artist

I create figurative works of art for personal and public spaces. My paintings are based in reality, yet imaginative and compelling. Connect with me to transform human character into art.

Art Inspiration

In order to keep my art fresh, I challenge myself with a question: Is it predictable or unpredictable? An otherwise spontaneous and uninhibited painting can come to a halt of indecision many times.

To embrace this indecision and unknown with an unpredictable approach is risky and difficult. Yet it is exciting and creative, and more often than not, well worth it.

The back stories

Oftentimes, situations in my references will spark a memory, bring to mind a book, film or personal story. The figures themselves become the vehicle to my imaginative tales; a bit mysterious, a touch exotic and full of mood and character.

My hope is that viewers find themselves compelled to linger for a while, until the work has acquired a life of its own.


Unique Artist

¬†“I find her paintings impossible to duplicate but irresistible to observe and enjoy”.

Sharing Insight

“Because of Jeannie’s insights and candor, my work has progressed to a level I could never have imagined. Now, graduating to her mentorship program, she provides the truth and encouragement that I need to grow further and succeed-“.

Aspiring Painters

“…And as much as we sometimes want step by step instruction, there is no substitute for trial and error and a willingness to take risks”.

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