Investigation – People in Industry, Reference photo Rivers of Steel Archive

On View

Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council

– Art on the Walls

Dormont: Fall 2023

The Borough of Dormont and

Dormont Arts believe in the

power of art to uplift the

spirit, inspire creative and

logical thought, and to

transform common space into

places of joy, reflection, and

serenity. They have transformed

the lobby of the Borough of

Dormont Municipal Center into

a showcase of beautiful art. 


Artist and Community

Reception –

Thursday, October 19, 2023, 6:00

p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Location – Dormont Municipal


1444 Hillsdale Ave, Dormont

On view – September –

February 2024

Regular business hours

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Original art by six local artists. I

have selected 4 large

pieces from my Rivers of Steel;

People in Industry exhibition. 



Jeannie's Studio

My original art is showcased throughout my studio and available for purchase by appointment.

You may request a behind-the-scenes tour of paintings in progress, their stories, and the inter-workings of the studio.


Publications and Interviews

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    Jeannie’s Article,
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Exhibition History

Exhibiting Since 1990


  • Industrial Exhibition, Rivers of Steel, Pump House. Collection of Jeannie’s original artworks depicting people in industry.


  • American Watercolor Society, 155th International 2022, Salmagundi Club, NYC, NY “Paper Doll”, Hardie Gramatky Memorial Award


  • Pittsburgh Watercolor Society, 76th Anniversary 2021, Greensburg, PA “Troupes”, Award


  • Fallbrook Art Center, American Signature 2020, Fallbrook, CA, “Vanish


  • San Diego Watercolor Society, 2019, Juror painting, “Resolve
  • Salon Dessin & Peinture a l’eau, Drawings & Paintings under glass, Grand Palais, Paris, France, 2019, “7th Convention


  • Reims France, 2018, Aquarelle Reims Event, Five international artists, my collection 7 works
  • Fallbrook Art Center, American Signature 2018, Fallbrook, CA “Paper Doll
  • Pittsburgh Watercolor Society, Aqueous 2018, Spinning Plate Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA, “Teased,” Award


  • Pittsburgh Watercolor Society, Aqueous 2017, Spinning Plate Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA, “Studio One,” Award
  • National Watercolor Society International 2017, San Pedro, CA “Followed
  • Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, Solo Exhibition of 12 works 2017, Eugene, OR


  • Fallbrook Art Center, 7th Signature American Watermedia 2016, “Studio One,” Award
  • American Watercolor Society, 149th International 2016, Salmagundi Club, NYC, NY “Fine Line


  • Aosta Regional Association, Invitational of select international artists, The Watercolor Today 2015, Basilica di San Lorenzo, Aosta, Italy
  • Pittsburgh Watercolor Society, Aqueous 2015, Spinning Plate Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA “Fine Line” Best of Show
  • National Watercolor Society, 95th International 2015, San Pedro, CA, “Rust
  • UpStage, Select self-curated group 2015, Mansions on Fifth, Pittsburgh, PA
  • NWWS Annual Exhibition 2015, Convention Center, Seattle, WA, “East Bound,” Award
  • American Watercolor Society, 148th International 2015, Salmagundi Club, NYC, NY, “7th Constitutional
  • Fallbrook Art Center, 6th Signature American Watermedia 2015, Fallbrook, CA, “Breeze,” Award
  • Pittsburgh Watercolor Society, Waterworks 2015, Spinning Plate Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA, “Navigating,” 3rd Place Award


  • Pittsburgh Watercolor Society, Waterworks 2014, Spinning Plate Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA “Proud


  • Centre D’Art Sebastien, Invitational of select international artists, 3rd Annual 2013, Saint Cyr Sur Mer, France,
  • Pittsburgh Watercolor Society, 67th Aqueous 3013, Third Street Gallery, Carnegie, PA “Heavy Load” Third Place Award
  • NWWS, Annual Exhibition 2013, Mercer View Gallery, Mercer Island, WA, “Lexington 6” 2nd Place Award
  • Fallbrook Art Center, 4th Signature American Watermedia 2013, Fallbrook, CA, “ Iron” Award


  • Shanghai Zhujiajiao International Watercolor Biennial 2012, Shanghai, China, “Plum Frost
  • Pittsburgh Watercolor Society, 66th Aqueous 2012, Third Street Gallery, Carnegie, PA “Audition
  • Baltimore Watercolor Society, Mid Atlantic 2012, D.C., “Cerulean” Award
  • Pittsburgh Watercolor Society, Waterworks 2012, Fein Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA, “Sand Sculpture” Best of Show
  • Beauty & the Beast, Figures & Faces of Pittsburgh’s Industrial Landscape, Select self-curated group 2012, Mansions on Fifth, Pgh, PA
  • American Watercolor Society 145th International 2012, Salmagundi Club, NYC, NY, “Milan Train


  • Art Center Butler 2011, Butler, PA
  • Pittsburgh Watercolor Society, 65th Aqueous 2011, Gallery Sim, Pittsburgh, PA, “Sapphire” Best of Show
  • Pittsburgh Three River Art Festival, Juried Exhibition, Pittsburgh, PA ” The Shop, Green Gloves
  • Pittsburgh Watercolor Society, Waterworks 2011, Fein Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA, “Plum Frost” Best of Show
  • Wine & Art Solo Event, Nello Olivo Wine Cellar, Placerville, CA
  • Baltimore Watercolor Society, Mid-Atlantic Regional 2011, North Bethesda, MD, “ Mystery” Award
  • American Watercolor Society 144th International 2011, Salmagundi Club, NYC, NY, “Kenneth” Gold Medal of Honor
  • Beauty.Strength.Reflection, Select self-curated group 2011, Shaw Galleries, Pittsburgh, PA