“Paper Doll”, Salmagundi Club, NYC, NY

On View

Industrial Exhibition

Rivers of Steel, Pump House

880 E Waterfront Dr Munhall, PA

May 6 – June 17, 2023

A collection of my original works depicting people in industry; in and around western Pennsylvania.

American Watercolor Society 155th Annual International Exhibition

Paper Doll
Awarded the Hardie Gramatky Memorial Award

On view with traveling exhibition:
5/9/22 – 6/30/22 Michelson Museum of Art, Marshall TX
7/27/22 – 10/3/22 Pryor Art Gallery, Columbia TN
11/1/22 – 1/4/23 Mooresville Arts, Mooresville NC
1/23/23 – 3/23/23 Fallbrook Art Center, Fallbrook CA
4/1/23 – 4/29/23 Middletown Arts Center, Middletown NJ

Jeannie's Studio

My original art is showcased throughout my studio and available for purchase by appointment.

You may request a behind-the-scenes tour of paintings in progress, their stories, and the inter-workings of the studio.


Publications and Interviews

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    Jeannie’s Article,
     Thought-Provokers: Pacific, Mission & Ocean Beach
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Exhibition History

Exhibiting Since 1990


  • American Watercolor Society, 155th International 2022, Salmagundi Club, NYC, NY “Paper Doll”, Hardie Gramatky Memorial Award


  • Pittsburgh Watercolor Society, 76th Anniversary 2021, Greensburg, PA “Troupes”, Award


  • Fallbrook Art Center, American Signature 2020, Fallbrook, CA, “Vanish


  • San Diego Watercolor Society, 2019, Juror painting, “Resolve
  • Salon Dessin & Peinture a l’eau, Drawings & Paintings under glass, Grand Palais, Paris, France, 2019, “7th Convention


  • Reims France, 2018, Aquarelle Reims Event, Five international artists, my collection 7 works
  • Fallbrook Art Center, American Signature 2018, Fallbrook, CA “Paper Doll
  • Pittsburgh Watercolor Society, Aqueous 2018, Spinning Plate Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA, “Teased,” Award


  • Pittsburgh Watercolor Society, Aqueous 2017, Spinning Plate Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA, “Studio One,” Award
  • National Watercolor Society International 2017, San Pedro, CA “Followed
  • Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, Solo Exhibition of 12 works 2017, Eugene, OR


  • Fallbrook Art Center, 7th Signature American Watermedia 2016, “Studio One,” Award
  • American Watercolor Society, 149th International 2016, Salmagundi Club, NYC, NY “Fine Line


  • Aosta Regional Association, Invitational of select international artists, The Watercolor Today 2015, Basilica di San Lorenzo, Aosta, Italy
  • Pittsburgh Watercolor Society, Aqueous 2015, Spinning Plate Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA “Fine Line” Best of Show
  • National Watercolor Society, 95th International 2015, San Pedro, CA, “Rust
  • UpStage, Select self-curated group 2015, Mansions on Fifth, Pittsburgh, PA
  • NWWS Annual Exhibition 2015, Convention Center, Seattle, WA, “East Bound,” Award
  • American Watercolor Society, 148th International 2015, Salmagundi Club, NYC, NY, “7th Constitutional
  • Fallbrook Art Center, 6th Signature American Watermedia 2015, Fallbrook, CA, “Breeze,” Award
  • Pittsburgh Watercolor Society, Waterworks 2015, Spinning Plate Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA, “Navigating,” 3rd Place Award


  • Pittsburgh Watercolor Society, Waterworks 2014, Spinning Plate Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA “Proud


  • Centre D’Art Sebastien, Invitational of select international artists, 3rd Annual 2013, Saint Cyr Sur Mer, France,
  • Pittsburgh Watercolor Society, 67th Aqueous 3013, Third Street Gallery, Carnegie, PA “Heavy Load” Third Place Award
  • NWWS, Annual Exhibition 2013, Mercer View Gallery, Mercer Island, WA, “Lexington 6” 2nd Place Award
  • Fallbrook Art Center, 4th Signature American Watermedia 2013, Fallbrook, CA, “ Iron” Award


  • Shanghai Zhujiajiao International Watercolor Biennial 2012, Shanghai, China, “Plum Frost
  • Pittsburgh Watercolor Society, 66th Aqueous 2012, Third Street Gallery, Carnegie, PA “Audition
  • Baltimore Watercolor Society, Mid Atlantic 2012, D.C., “Cerulean” Award
  • Pittsburgh Watercolor Society, Waterworks 2012, Fein Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA, “Sand Sculpture” Best of Show
  • Beauty & the Beast, Figures & Faces of Pittsburgh’s Industrial Landscape, Select self-curated group 2012, Mansions on Fifth, Pgh, PA
  • American Watercolor Society 145th International 2012, Salmagundi Club, NYC, NY, “Milan Train


  • Art Center Butler 2011, Butler, PA
  • Pittsburgh Watercolor Society, 65th Aqueous 2011, Gallery Sim, Pittsburgh, PA, “Sapphire” Best of Show
  • Pittsburgh Three River Art Festival, Juried Exhibition, Pittsburgh, PA ” The Shop, Green Gloves
  • Pittsburgh Watercolor Society, Waterworks 2011, Fein Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA, “Plum Frost” Best of Show
  • Wine & Art Solo Event, Nello Olivo Wine Cellar, Placerville, CA
  • Baltimore Watercolor Society, Mid-Atlantic Regional 2011, North Bethesda, MD, “ Mystery” Award
  • American Watercolor Society 144th International 2011, Salmagundi Club, NYC, NY, “Kenneth” Gold Medal of Honor
  • Beauty.Strength.Reflection, Select self-curated group 2011, Shaw Galleries, Pittsburgh, PA