All for Show


The out stretched arms of the model are what inspired me to start this piece as an addition to my series on elegant women.  Designing a 60’s style chair to mimic her elbows I was having fun and delved into red hair and a red dress.  But then the hard work began with the middle 80 percent of the process; design, character development, applying pigment, scrubbing, applying again and again and alas setting it aside unnamed.

Her face, the usual achilles heal, now a stained mess of ground in red paint was worthy of the trash.  And maybe so if not for that great dress and cool chair!  So frustrating, but in fact this is a good place to be for creating unique original art.  

Who is she then I wondered, no title as of yet.  Her pose could be read as dismissive, the now developed face stared.  As quickly as my inspiration came in the beginning it finished with the slightest of strokes on her bodice.  My brush created a hint of a tab, a paper doll dress tab. 

She is silent, keeping her privacy close as her exterior role changes.