Tribute to my mom

POOLSIDE | WATERCOLOR ON PAPER | 21X45 Doris Jane Kirkland DePierre (1927 – 2022) My mom had many admirable traits. I have been influenced by many of them and I continually strive to attain more. I am thankful that she gave so much of herself to my family and to her friends. Kindness was my mom’s greatest […]

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The Dance Goes On

TROUPES | WATERCOLOR & GRAPHITE ON PAPER | 21X22 “You can only know something when you know it, not a minute before”, said the character Gilbert Blythe in the Canadian film series Anne with an E. This quote struck me as true on a multitude of levels. It certainly holds true for my painting process. With Troupes

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New Creations

PRAIRIE | WATERCOLOR ON PAPER | 9X9 My paintings over the last decade can be described as my response to the breath and pulse of the subjects, allowing their presence to displace, interrupt and caress the air around them. Here’s to a new year and new creations!

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The Story Continues

TINY DANCER | WATERCOLOR & GRAPHITE ON PAPER | 18X17 Tiny Dancer in its former life, before it landed on my drawing board again, was an energetic piece titled Crunch. Depicting a dancer abruptly stopping and bending forward in a whirl of background strokes, the dancer’s action was clear. I liked this concept, but at the same time I felt a bit unsettled about the variety of colors and

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A Drama

VANISH | WATERCOLOR & GRAPHITE ON PAPER | 28X18 A ticker tape of thoughts run rapid in her mind. Does the coat conceal the bulging layers of clothes, can her chin tuck in deeper, her arms pull in tighter, her feet squeeze in closer. Will the bus come in time to vanish.

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7TH CONVENTION | WATERCOLOR ON PAPER | 22X30 While considering my painting selections for an invitational in Reims, France last fall, I asked my exhibition host her thoughts. I loved her response for 7th Convention, “the two men sharing a jacket”, she said. My story-telling made the exact impact I’ve always hoped it would; that my intuitive way of thinking is

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A Tale

LORE | WATERCOLOR AND GRAPHITE ON PAPER | 22X22 The surreal atmosphere of this worn photo caught my attention. The girls and the trees seem eerily still in contrast to what appears to be a gust of chilled air, and their eyes seem curiously shrewd. This series is inspired by 17th century culture and lore.

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Powerful Observation

NYC | WATERCOLOR ON PAPER | 16X22 The back story of this painting is worth sharing. My son made an observation of my work recently and told me why he chose the painting he did from my collection years ago; it was the contrast. This was a powerful observation and just the information I needed to start “NYC”,

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All for Show

PAPER DOLL | WATERCOLOR ON PAPER | 22X30 The out stretched arms of the model are what inspired me to start this piece as an addition to my series on elegant women.  Designing a 60’s style chair to mimic her elbows I was having fun and delved into red hair and a red dress.  But

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