Jeannie McGuire

A Thriller

FOLLOWED | WATERCOLOR ON PAPER | 22X30 The incomplete painting lay dormant in the stack with others, waiting. I placed it there intentionally years ago. I needed to walk away from the smeared whitewashed face and the oh so boring hat. The collar though, it had intrigue. I did not yet know the artist I would become so the …

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Sultry Confidence

MIAMI | WATERCOLOR ON PAPER | 22X30 He is in business. She never had luxuries but now she does. Taking to the wind and sailing in the breeze. The couple looked fabulously exotic in the 1964 black and white. I’m sure my friend’s parents would not have imaged themselves to be so or that decades …

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Raw Character

CONFLUENCE | WATERCOLOR AND GRAPHITE ON PAPER | 12X27 250 artists were asked to create a portrait of a single person, John Riegert.  I purposely gleaned very little knowledge about John other than he struggles with an illness.  Subsequently a confluence of puzzle pieces converged at the bridge of his nose.


FINE LINE | WATERCOLOR & GRAPHITE ON PAPER | 19X30 To dance is to be as close to transparency of ones self as can be imagined. Where vulnerability of emotion and strength converge. My current line of dance paintings explores these senses with the movement of company dancers.      

Optimism Prevails

RUST | WATERCOLOR ON PAPER | 18X30 One of 32 evolving works, Rust is part of my Machinist Collection. Referenced from a 40’s-50’s era photo of co-workers posed in front of their place of business, that I deemed to be a fabricating shop. In line with my Industry Series, I continue to be inspired as …

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Beyond Her Gaze

OBSERVER | WATERCOLOR ON PAPER | 22×16 Detached from the party she sits on the fringe comfortable in her space, observing. Energetic brush strokes allude to the activity and chatter beyond her gaze.